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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Jun 28, 2019

Got my girl + amazing biz coach Amina Altai back on the podcast!😍

We had SO much fun rapping out in this episode on my living room floor, drinking homemade #adaptogenlattes 🤪☕️🍄 after spending an EPIC day of nourishing fun together ♥️🥗💄

Our LIT UP conversation is RICH in thought...

Jun 19, 2019

In this new Solosode, I share my mindset + process when experiencing a decrease in my usual High Performing energy, how it was affecting my cognition + physical efforts on this day, and in all realness, how I maneuvered through it, with RESPECT for it. 

Working SMARTER + not always HARDER to make real,...

Jun 11, 2019

Casey Jennings is a lot of awesome + is largely inspiring.

He played Pro Beach Volley Ball for 15 years at the highest level + is still competitive, playing select PRO tournaments like the badass athlete that he is.

He is the Co-founder of p1440, An event series and digital platform dedicated to revolutionizing the...