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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Jun 11, 2019

Casey Jennings is a lot of awesome + is largely inspiring.

He played Pro Beach Volley Ball for 15 years at the highest level + is still competitive, playing select PRO tournaments like the badass athlete that he is.

He is the Co-founder of p1440, An event series and digital platform dedicated to revolutionizing the beach volleyball industry, he is officially a new Podcast host as of this Fathers Day when he launches his podcast “Starting Point” this Fathers Day, his a loving father of 3 + husband of 17 years to my bestest girl Kerri Walsh Jennings

Casey is a unique blend of fiery passion- (he’s unarguably one of the most exciting volleyball players to watch) paired a laid-back, Cali, surf vibe that makes it really easy + fun to be around him.

Casey has faced A LOT of adversity in all areas of his life and in his darkest hours, he would inevitably choose to keep learning, growing + trying to become a better version of himself, for his own personal health, for his relationship with Kerri + their family.

There is A LOT of wisdom to gain from Casey’s mental-frame work

Some MINDSET GEMS we dive deep into in our talk are rooted in:

  • Appreciating Failure

  • The importance of discipline

  • The power of commitment

  • Leading by example

  • Parenting as a team + weathering the “storms” as a UNIT.

  • Fighting for what you love + believe in-which includes yourSELF

  • Constantly striving to be a better person + how everyone around you gains from it

His journey is as REAL as it gets as is Casey.

He’s really carved out his own unique path in life through his love for sport which eventually took him to Southern CA where he would meet Kerri, fall in love and start their life journey together as a powerful unit. Its an absolute privilege to witness how he and Kerri do their Life together-its hard, it's romantic, it's raw, it's inspired, it's constantly evolving + in my opinion, it is what real love + dedication to a unified vision as partners is ALL about.