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Aug 3, 2018

What’s ONE thing that can make a HUGE difference in actually achieving vs endless dreaming?  The latest #BlackBeltBeautyRadio Podcast episode is ALL about it..

Drop into this 23 min Instasode + dig into the powerful effects of:
  • Consistency
  • Connecting with your WHY
  • How that MONEY combo put into STEADY action is a MAJOR factor to go from desiring to succeeding in any area of your life... and keep pleasure in the process...ENJOY.
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ORIGINAL @blackbeltbeauty 💋 POST:


__________THE ONE THING..._______________

I get asked all the time “what do you do?” in reference to my activity, workout, diet etc.. 

I know the desired answer is ONE specific thing- one answer that will “solve” an issue, simplify the process + offer a straight pathway to a desired result. 

Basically an EASY answer. 

Unfortunately my answer is FAR from easy.

I don’t do “one thing” I do A LIFESTYLE that consistence of MULTITUDE of modalities that constantly evolves with my personal evolution (age, interests, goals).

.What I can offer in ONE word, ONE method + ONE PROVEN ACTION that inevitably demands effective results is:


Consistency also happens to be the most difficult part for many to incorporate into their goal oriented process because it initially requires real discipline before habits are crystallized + no longer a thought of “should or should not”, “want or don’t want”;they just become a part of YOU. 

.What I can say in support of generating consistency in your process is this:

When LOVE/PASSION is driving the PURPOSE- CONSISTENCY becomes A LOT easier to stay disciplined, form new habits + stay the course with ZERO interest in straying from it. You’ll do what ever it takes to stay connected to your goals/vision/desires/standards because they are too important not to. 

What we value, we place attention + energy towards. Hard stop.

Personally, I ❤️ having STANDARDS OF EXCELLENCE for myself that keep me chasing that FEEL great-PERFORM great carrot in my Life. 

It never gets tired.

The better I feel in my life, the better of an EXPERIENCE I can be to everyone I connect with in my Life. WIN WIN👊