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Aug 30, 2022

This new Solosode expands on this Instagram post shared below about SELF-Compassion:

“SELF-compassion is a gangster tool that supports the ability to move through challenges like a fucking boss. I employ it relentlessly in my life.

It’s at the nucleus of SELF-Love.

It’s not to be confused with babying yourself.

SELF-Compassion allows you to have hard talks with yourself so you can learn, grow, and get better. It brings patience into the picture. It keeps you emotionally agile, fluid, and strong.

It supports necessary risk for taking growth in life because you’re not going to beat yourself up when it’s hard, you’re going to cheer your fucking SELF on through it.

SELF-Compassion gets your ass back up with resilience to keep going forward in your life because you love yourself. And that thing you’re in the arena fighting for means too much to quit.”



SELF-Compassion is a badass, high-performance tool.

I expand on this powerful attributes energy in this episode, highlighting:

  • Breaking the stigma that having compassion for yourself is equivalent to weakness

  • Granting the permission to be messy + move through mistakes and failures with love

  • Accessing radical levels of SELF-honesty to be real when it’s time to step up  + create change (without being overly critical)

  • Learning to fight for yourSELF, not against yourSELF

  • Finding the patience + SELF-actualization that will pull you up to SEEK THE FIGHT

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