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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Nov 10, 2020

Lynette Duncan is a Spiritual Strategist + Intuitive Guide, who uses the ancient tool of Astrology to reveal the sacred energy imprint of the Soul. 

Lynette believes that all beings come into this life with a Purpose.

That we all possess certain aptitudes for service and greater connection and that we are pulled into the experiences we are meant to share with others.

She believes that in every human life is the possibility for greatness, and that greatness is a FELT experience. I strongly agree with that powerful idea.

I first connected with Lynette by way of a gifted tarot reading from my best girl. I admit I was hesitant to do a tarot reading because my autonomy is so robust and wants to reign as the ultimate sayer who is creating my unique path of life. With that said, my curious mind does leave the door open for discovery in the new, and my primal intuition says YES on it, moves me to act on that curious idea. 

I am SO happy I said yes and connected with this incredibly powerful and mystical woman because she is the REAL thing.  My experience with her was inspiring and offered me so much energetic strength. Lynette knows how to tap into her intuition and allow it to guide her as she offers insights and guidance to others. 

In this ULTRA-INSPIRING talk Lynette shares: 

  • Tactics on how YOU can tune into your intuition.

  • She breaks down why SELF-LOVE is the key element to building an enriched fulfilling life

  • She teaches the understandings of  shadow work and the importance of doing this work

  • How to tune into your masculine + feminine energies and how they impact your life

  • How she uses Tarot + Astrology to guide her clients and community

  • The power + crucial aspects of Self- Validation + Authenticity

  • What it means to be a spiritual strategist

And SO much more. 

I’m not being dramatic at all when I say YOU WILL LOVE, LOVE. LOVE this Episode.

A fun side note that was not so fun in the moment; this was the 2nd podcast we had together… I did not hit record on the first one (first time EVER in 121 Episodes) I was crushed upon realizing that because we literally had the most elevating + magical talk that I was SO excited to share with all of you, not to mention Lynette's generosity of time allowed for the talk. 

The BEAUTIFUL part of that experience was the authentic love and support I received both from Lynette and MYSELF at that moment. 

I could have been SO hard on myself and trust me, it stung for a few hours- but with Lynette’s compassion, supportive words, and my own compassion and the TRAINED ability to have a quick refractory period, I was able to move on, reschedule with her and this second talk was even more incredible. 

So with all of that effort made to produce this incredible episode for you, I’m so excited to share it and would LOVE to get your feedback on it by way of your IG stories with tags to both Lynette + I, DM, or hit us in the comments.  @roxylook @blackbeltbeauty @oracleofyoursoul







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