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Jul 5, 2019

Happy 1/2 way through 2019 badasses!

In the latest Solosode, I share 5 powerful questions I use to checkIN with mySelf to support higher INternal + external progress through the remainder of the year. 

While it’s commonly suggested to check in with the progress we are making towards the goals we set for ourselves within it at the start of the year (AKA the EXTERNAL aspects of our life); I employ a different checkIN focus for advancing my progress and performance in the year. 

These 5 thought-provoking questions focus on the INternal happenings within mySelf + in my experience offer a much more powerful, holistic approach to generating more progress + higher performances towards our goals.

Whatever we are feeling, thinking + focusing on within IS directly impacting our external progress + performance. It ALWAYS starts from withIN.

I loved creating this episode (even with stuffy sinuses haha) + I trust it will offer some support for you to elevate your self-awareness, self-connection + your ability to CRUSH your desired goals as we move through the bottom half of 2019.