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Sep 20, 2018

Gut health is a hot topic in science these days; rightfully so it is increasingly being proved that the health of our gut has a MAJOR impact on the overall health of our wellbeing- from immunity to emotional resiliency.

Clinical nutrionist and health expert, Juli Keene joined me in this new #BlackBeltBeautyRadio episode to unpack the complex subject of of gut health.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What is a healthy gut?

  • What an unhealthy gut is

  • How an unhealthy guy effects our body and some issues that show up when our gut health is comprised

  • What is your Gut Microbiome?

  • How our microbiome effects our overall well being

  • The importance of having a thriving microbiome + the determents of their lack in thriving

  • What supports a thriving microbiome

  • The difference between your gut microbiome vs your microbiota

  • What “leaky gut” is

  • The harmful effects of leaky gut + how the many ways it shows up in our body when you have a leaky gut

  • Food sensitivities vs food allergies

  • Signs you have a leaky gut

  • The Vagus Nerve and Brain Gut Axis

  • The connection between our gut health and our brain health

  • How our gut effects our emotional resiliency and decision making process

  • What important FEEL GOOD neurotransmitters are generated in our gut and how an unhealthy gut effects them

  • How processed foods trigger our neurotransmitters

  • Probiotics vs Prebiotics

  • Best ways to consume both pro + prebiotics

  • What + when to avoid pro + prebiotics

  • Cows milk vs goat milk + the newly discovered health benefits of camel milk

  • Gluten + how it effects the health of our guts

  • Top 5 daily to do’s for a healthy gut

Books mentioned:

Fuck Your Feelings- Ryan Munsey



RENEW LIFE (whole foods)



I hope you enjoy this very insightful episode that is meant to empower your knowledge and approach towards your health.



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