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Nov 30, 2018


Podcast round 2 with my talented friend, Chef Amber Caudle- a woman who is redefining “healthy” by creating SEXY foods that support optimal health, one YUMMY recipe at a time.

If you have yet to listen on my first episode with Amber, its WELL worth the listen + you can do so HERE

In this episode you will learn:

  • Some insight on “sneaky, deceiving labels” by food manufacturers

  • Dismissing the “quick fix” mentality

  • Why Amber is NOT about the term “healthy” foods and how she approaches foods that nourish the body’s health

  • The details of Amber’s new cooking class series “Cooking with Chef Amber”

  • The benefits of Amber’s “Reset and Balance” approach to diet

  • Holiday season weight gain and how to avoid it while still enjoying some indulgence foods

  • Building healthy habits with diet that create a healthy lifestyle to get off the diet rollercoaster

  • Tips on how to meal prep for the week

  • The importance of getting blood work done to better learn what diet is best for YOU

  • Amber’s adrenal fatigue journey, how it effects our body’s health and how she’s getting her adrenals back on track

  • The difference between food sensitivities vs food allergies and how they effect the health of your gut

  • The healthy macro 98% of America needs more of and why

  • Some ideas for how to get optimal amounts of veggies into your diet

  • Where Amber gets her recipes inspiration from

  • The importance of light movement and recovery days and how it effects our hormones

  • How to best eat for YOUR body and not trying to eat the same as your male partner

  • Amber’s role and inspiration in collaboration with Kerri Walsh Jennings and her husband Casey Jennings Pro Beach volleyball/wellness/self development/music/art events, P1440

  • Ambers current favorite SUPER FOODS

  • Amber’s ultimate tips to do get some healthy RESET action into your ENTIRE wellbeing

HEADS UP that I thought this episode would be live in January but it’s too good and timely with the holidays to NOT post now so I do hope you enjoy it and utilize the knowledge, tips and strategies Amber offers us all in this health elevating episode!


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Instagram + Facebook : @chefamberla

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