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Mar 23, 2018

This Instasode is from a #BlackBeltBeauty instagram post that was based around the idea & value in training the energy of courage within us, just like a muscle- by flexing it on the daily so that we keep it strong and growing. This 13 minute episode amplifies the post that reads "Courage is a mental muscle that requires constant use to remain strong." and digs into caption (below) to the post to take you deeper into the ideas behind it.

Hope it inspires you to keep flexing that mental muscle- STRONG. 


"Courage + strength come easier when there is consistency in training the mind to be as such. Like anything in life, it takes true desire to remain dedicated to the work that goes into achieving.
And it really takes work.
Every. Single. Day.
But when you keep in mind these important + potent words:
the "work" then becomes a practice of
Mental magic tricks like that are just so much fun."