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Mar 27, 2019


Dr. Gabrielle Lyon is an Elite Performance, Functional Physician who focuses her practice around "muscle centric medicine" and is an expert in optimizing metabolic health + longevity and body composition. 

Dr. Lyon's approach is integrative using her extensive knowledge +  cutting edge science through comprehensive labs, metabolic + genetic testing, nutritional science AND behavioral action.

 In other words: She knows how to fortify the health of both body + mind.  

Dr Lyon has been on a REAL PATH to lead her to be the renowned doctor that she is, since discovering her passion for medicine from the young age of 17 starting by watching her godmother who was one of the original leaders in nutritional science + functional medicine, Liz Lipski. 

She was a semifinalist in Fitness America, a professional fitness model + a nationally ranked figure competitor, which I believe gives her an extra edge in her practice that not only focuses on optimizing health but equally focuses on OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE.

I was so excited to get her on the podcast IMMEDIATELY upon discovering her and taking a deep dive into her work.

We talked all things related to:

  • Muscle health

  • Metabolism

  • And a FULL breakdown on Protein from:

  • The different types of protein

  • Protein timing + muscle protein synthesis

  • The amounts of protein needed for optimal health

  • Why protein is the most important macro to focus on for health optimization, longevity + body composition.

  • Mindset: She shares some of the most foundational common threads in the incredible mental frame works of her elite + high performing patients. 

I LOVED my talk with Gabrielle.

Not only is her extensive knowledge and proven approach to optimizing health impressive but I equally appreciate the empowered mindset and strong, authentic character that is easily detectable in her exchange + delivery.

I highly recommend following this powerful woman on SM: @drgabriellelyon + signing up for her newsletter via her website: where she also offers her Lyon Protocol a guide to help reset your metabolism, lower whole body inflammation and balancing your blood sugar. Major.

And overall, I recommend staying connected to Dr Lyon’s voice to anyone who wants to continuously turn your best into better- and thats pretty much everyone who listens to this podcast.

The recording quality is a little sub-optimal being that it was done via the web but this is one of much more to come with her on the podcast and I cannot wait for the next already.



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