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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Dec 13, 2018

Luka Galante’s life story to date is worthy of being on theater screens, broadcasting the underlining message that “If you really want it and you do the necessary work to keep moving forward and you NEVER stop believing in yourSelf, you WILL achieve it.”

And achieving, is what this NEXT LEVEL-talented #Bboy has been doing in his high performing life, and he’s just getting warmed up.

In this amazing conversation with Luka, we get down on his incredible journey that took him from the humble neighborhoods of Sao Paulo, Brasil, to traveling around the world competing at the highest level of Breaking, to eventually land him on one of the most prestigious performance stages in the world, the #CirqueDeSoleil #Beatles “LOVE” show in Las Vegas.

In this episode you will learn:

  • The process of preparing for his performances on stage 

  • His childhood and upbringing in Sao Paulo, Brasil

  • His experiences and gains of years practicing capoeira

  • When and how dance entered his life

  • Listening to his “inner voice” 

  • What inspired him to leave capoeira start Breaking

  • Discovering his break “crew” in Brasil and how they supported him

  • What went down in his first breaking competition 

  • Entering the uncertain path to follow his passion

  • Our shared love for Bruce Lee and why Bruce Lee impacted his process

  • Being FORMLESS

  • Why he created his YouTube series videos “Break é Forme” 

  • The power of knowing himself deeply and living from his truth

  • Kokada- his mentor and he impacted Luka’s path/process

  • How he processed adversity and continued believing in himself and his path

  • When his performer friend Marco inspired him to leave Brazil and helped him audition for Cirque Del Soleil

  • Getting the call and job from Cirque

  • Why he lives with trusting “something better” is always on the horizon for him

  • His aspirations for and experience at the Red Bull BC One competition 

  • When he started studying and using Visualization for his path and to compete in the Red Bull BC One 

  • My crazy Visualization into Actualization experience in while living in Paris

  • What happens when he finally gets to the Red Bull BC ONE competition 

  • What he learned from his experience performing on that renowned stage

  • Being a champion in his mind and how he creates his actions/lifestyle from that vision

  • Doing research lab work at UNLV to learn the force of his muscle movements when Breaking 

  • His meditation process 

  • His perspective on Failure and how he uses it to support his growth

  • His diet, his interest in longevity and what he does for recovery 


I can’t say it enough. I LOVED every minute of this EPIC, ELEVATING conversation with Luka and I have NO doubt it will effect all who listen in to it just the same way.



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 Bruce Lee “The Lost Interview”  

The Art of War- Sun Tzu

As a Man Thinkieth- James Allen




**Check out Luka’s RAD training + process in his video series:

“Break é Fome” (“Break is hunger”) on his YOUTUBE channel here