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Jul 26, 2018

"Superfood" is a term that we are starting to hear a lot more of these days and algae is most definitely deserving of that title. This is the first podcast episode of its kind, where I get down with the founder of a nutrition brand that I am SUPER passionate about because of the LEGIT science behind the benefits of algae + my own validation towards it anecdotally. 

Catharine Arnston is the Founder + CEO of Energy Bits, an superior quality algae brand that consists of chlorella + spirulina tablets.  Energy Bits is one of safest + purest algae brands on the market (if not The most). 

The health benefits of CLEAN algae consumption are unarguable.  There is an abundance of research that proves how greatly beneficial adding algae to our diets can be.  I dig deep with Catharine to unpack the Science backed health benefits of algae in this episode. Some conversation highlights we discuss are:

  • Why algae is healthy for us
  • How algae can be especially great for Vegans, Vegetarians AND diets with heavy meat consumption. 
  • Why the quality of algae makes a major difference (clue: LEAD should not be a part of our diets)
  • How algae consumption supports longevity
  • The importance of consuming the FULL spectrum (essential + non essential) of Amino Acids 
  • The incredible similarities between Chlorophyll + our hemoglobin 
  • Consuming Algae on a Ketogenic diet 
  • Why Algae is endorsed by NASA, the United Nations and Carnegie Institute as the most nutrient-dense food in the world. 
  • I hope you enjoy this episode that we created to EMPOWER you with knowledge + tools that can support your optimal health/life performance. 


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