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Jan 24, 2023

This week’s guest is my neuroscience soul sister (and Gemini twin), Nicole Vignola.

Nicole is a business owner and entrepreneur who coaches individuals and consults with organizations on brain health, longevity, mindset change, and optimization using science-based evidence. Nicole has a BSc in Neuroscience and MSc in Organizational Psychology with a research focus in cognitive neuroscience that investigates high-risk decision-making.

As a personal coach for over 12 years, Nicole has paired her knowledge in the neuroscientific field to consult and educate companies on the science of human optimization, mindfulness, and well-being focusing on health and longevity to enable individuals to perform better in their daily lives and in turn, the workplace.

Nicole is a force when it comes to educating and empowering individuals with tools that are rooted in strong science that help them to achieve optimal well-being and expansive levels of SELF-actualization.

If you’re ready to crush your new goals this New Year, this high-energy + fun conversation is packed with powerful takeaways to begin optimizing your everyday lifestyle for success.

Some of the highlights of this talk:

  • Nicole’s backstory + what led to her passion for neuroscience
  • Accessible, everyday changes you can begin making today to age like a badass – physically, mentally, and energetically
  • The incredible benefits of implementing ice therapy into your morning routine
  • The correlation between behaviors + habits and the power of thoughts to create epic transformation
  • Visualization practices that shape your reality + refine your future SELF

Nicole has a group coaching program to help you >>REWIRE YOUR NARRATIVE<< and it kicks off on February 13 with limited slots. If you’re ready to reprogram limiting narratives and beliefs in your subconscious, in addition to learning powerful wellness tools that are rooted in Neuroscience, then you definitely want to join Nicole's program. 

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