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Oct 18, 2022

This week’s guest is my girl Rachel Scheer.

Rachel is the real deal. She’s just as warm and inviting as she is a badass. She has a wealth of knowledge and isn’t afraid to dive deep into meaningful conversations, which I appreciate so much and know you will too.

Rachel is a former model, bikini competitor, and fitness instructor now serving as a well-respected certified functional medicine dietician.

Inspired by her own journey of being seen as the poster girl for women’s health externally but struggling with her severe gut issues, overtraining, and emotional havoc internally, Rachel was determined to discover the root causes of her illness and get rid of all of the band-aid solutions that had been presented to her. 

After successfully healing herself, she became deeply passionate about helping others do the same in their lives. Rachel’s personal health journey was the catalyst to getting her degree from Baylor University in Nutrition Science and Dietetics + starting her mission to help her clients reach optimal health through a combination of functional medicine, with a focus on gut health, lifestyle, and emotional healing. 

Some key takeaways from this episode are:

  • Getting radically honest with yourself to see where you’ve been over-pushing to prove your worth

  • Recognizing how your health has a direct connection to your relationship with yourself 

  • Identifying signs that your gut microbiome is not functioning properly 

  • How suppressed trauma is impacting your gut health + how to start emotional healing

  • Key tips you can begin implementing today to set yourself up for better health + aging and avoid common health crises 

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