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Oct 21, 2021

This week’s guest is 9x best-selling author, 3 of which are of the New York Times, he is an award-winning journalist, and founder of the Flow Research Collective, Steven Kotler.  Steven is the most respected voice on the subject of Flow + one of the greatest voices in Peak Performance, for excellent reasons. 

Obviously, as someone who loves neuroscience and the optimization of human potential, having Steven on the show to share his genius was an absolute honor.  I loved taking in his incredible insights on the ins and outs of what a “flow state” is and how to achieve it to reach ultimate fulfillment and am so excited to share them in this episode with you.

His latest book “The Art of Impossible” is legitimately one of my favorite books EVER- it is a playbook on the “WHAT, THE WHY + THE HOW” to get into Flow States. It now lives in my HALL-O-FAMER library + I find myself constantly opening it to take in bits of it on the regular. 

So in this EPIC conversation, Steven + I discuss:

  • The definition of a flow state and peak performance 

  • Who benefits from being in FLOW STATES

  • Using challenges to spark motivation and optimal performance

  • The 10 triggers of “flow”

  • Emotional set points of flow

  • How you can use flow state to amplify your results

  • The Art of Impossible, his latest book it’s VALUABLE premise. 

  • The 5 main intrinsic motivators 

And so much more.

This conversation is epic and filled with in-depth insight that I cannot put enough emphasis on its importance for ALL who want to reach peak performance states in their lives- and in my community- that means YOU.  

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You can sign up via his site as well as discover more of his work. Links are in the show notes. 

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