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Mar 29, 2021

This week’s inspiring guest is Dana Claudat.

Dana is what I like to call an “energy artist.” 

A modern feng shui master who holds a degree in Art History from Stanford University,  Dana knows how to help her clients harmonize every dimension of their lives through the intentional elevation of their environmental spaces.  Dana has so many epic approaches to harmonizing your external environments that are effective and have a massive ripple effect on bringing more harmony into your entire life. 

One thing I especially LOVE is her perspective of not just focusing on decluttering and eliminating your space but also focusing on enhancing and integrating more representations of what you love and want to feel in your life.  

There’s no doubt the environment we embody is a direct extension of our energy field. It’s so vital we create homes we are absolutely obsessed with and feel at peace in. Owning our physical environments will truly empower every other area of our lives.

In this episode, we go into depth about…

  • The evolution of our behaviors + expressions and how they influence the way we manage our physical environments

  • How cleaning & organizing can produce meditative results

  • Ways to get stagnant energy in motion to reset our space

  • Breaking through comfort blocks to create and receive abundance in our life

  • Noticing + fortifying magic in the details of our external environment

 This conversation with Dana was just as empowering + elevating as our first one.

Be prepared to be inspired.

I want to drop a fun little invitation here: if this episode inspires you to make some shifts to your home or your office (or any space you spend time in), I would love it if you snap a shot of it and share it to your IG stories, tagging both Dana + I. (ps. That was a sneaky way to challenge you into upgrading your environment) 

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