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Aug 20, 2020

This week’s amazing guest is Carolyn Mahboubi.

Carolyn is a highly successful Leadership + Life Coach, she is also a competitive Ultra Runner. 

Carolyn has a story that inspires the idea that you truly can create a life from what truly lights you up at ANY point you decide to do it. 

At the young age of 14, she landed her first taste in the fashion world. In fact, she begged the manager of Ann Taylor to give her a part-time job as a sweeper. 

Fast forward being 14 years old and sweeping the boutique floors to just a few years later, Carolyn launched Gianni Versace on Rodeo Drive (at the age of 16!). From there she led a rich and powerful professional life within the fashion industry by serving three decades in management and executive roles at four of the top fashion companies in the world.

While her life looked absolutely glamorous from the outside perspective, Carolyn has opened up that in her 40s she felt lost. 

Her career trajectory, health, and relationships were a mess even though her professional life was one many envied.

In the pursuit of her happiness, she hired her own life coach. 

She became enamored by the transformation she encountered in her personal life and wanted to encourage others to do the same for themselves.

With recognition and status in the fashion world most wouldn’t even dare to dream of, Carolyn courageously shut the door on that part of her life to become a life coach...and hasn’t looked back since. And if that huge life move wasn't a big enough challenge, it was also in that transitional chapter of her life that she started running Ultra Mountain Races-- those are 50-100 races in the mountains.

With a background story of fleeing a revolution, immigrating, being a single parent, losing a job, and managing chronic pain, Carolyn’s story of resiliency is one many look up to and can resonate with on some level.

Her work as a life coach today is to allow co-creation to happen. 

She provides the space for two people to come together to increase vitality and design a purposeful future with velocity, one intentional step at a time. 

This episode holds an incredible blend of energy that is both elevating and calming… that a blend that just perfectly resembles Carolyn Mahboubi.

Enjoy x


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