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Aug 6, 2020

Victoria Parsons Gracie is the definition of dynamic.

From actress, dancer, model, choreographer, to author, head instructor of the Women Empowered Jiu-Jitsu Self-Defense program at Gracie University, certified doula, and parenting coach; she is constantly elevating the lives of everyone around her with ever-flowing love and compassion.

After being in the entertainment industry for 15+ years, Victoria has grown passionate about protecting personal standards, boundaries, and self-worth. Her current work pushes others to turn inward and recognize their own exponential personal power within and exercise it in order to reach their highest level of potential.

As a self-defense expert; Victoria teaches women self-defense techniques and boundary-setting skills to empower their confidence not only on the mats but in every facet of life as well. With the studio-influenced mindset that “you are worth defending”, she demonstrates the vital need for self-love to better protect oneself in every regard-- mentally, physically, and emotionally.  

Not only is this incredible message one that’s intended to inspire adults, but it also aims to target our youth. Victoria’s unique children’s books, Kip and the Magical Belt and Kalyn Finds Her Power, are both impactful messages that teach children the importance of emotional resiliency, inner strength, and speaking out in kindness. Both of her books have influenced enormous strides when it comes to ending bullying and encouraging children to stand up for themselves and one another. 

In this talk, Vic + I take deep dives in topics around:


  • Pursuing a life from your passions and YOUR personal ideas of fulfillment 

  • The importance of Self-Compassion + allowing yourself to space to authentically move through ALL of your emotional states

  • The importance of staying curious in life + why it’s of equal importance to fortify your child’s innate curiosity 

  • Pivoting through uncertain times to continue thriving in life. 

  • Honoring your boundaries in all regards- emotionally, mentally + physically 

  • Valuable tips on homeschooling + empowering educational routes to position your children on

  • Why + how to encourage kids to stay curious, create healthy boundaries + to embrace their own authenticity.

Additionally, I LOVE how Victoria reminds us that you can hit UNSUBSCRIBE to ANYTHING or ANYONE in your life that feels misaligned with your inner harmony + personal boundaries at any time.

Vic has been a shining star in my life on SO many levels + I'm so proud to finally be able to share her EMPOWERED mindset, her thought-provoking ideas that support TRUE SELF-LOVE, UNIQUE parenting tips, her deeply loving heart + INCREDIBLY infectious laughter here with all of you. 

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