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Jul 30, 2020

In this new episode, I bring my girl Margie (BlackBeltBeauty’s production coordinator + my work-life wing woman) on the show to share some thought-provoking ideas + real-life examples around the importance of Self-Awareness+ how it gives you the ability to help you become LESS reactive to triggers + more responsive to them, keeping YOU the boss of your emotional state.

It’s a fun, bite-sized episode that will be helpful in optimizing your life performance; keeping you empowered and the author of your life.

Below are the 4 Self-Development questions I share in the episode for you.

  • Are the emotions you’re feeling from this stimulus worthy of the trigger?

  • Do you want to continue feeling these emotions from this stimulus?

  • What emotions can you transmute into the emotions you wish to release/move on from?

  • What is one thing you can appreciate from the situation regardless of it being “negative or disempowering.”

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