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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Jul 15, 2020

This episode’s guest is with one of my very incredible brothers, Arya Saffaie.

Arya is a 4x Olympian professional bodybuilder and online training entrepreneur.  

Arya turned pro in 2013 after training for just three months prior to his first competition. And while that’s very impressive, it’s fair to say that something gave him an extreme edge to be able to win that competition and turn pro as an all-natural competitor (with minimal training)...that something is his life-long passion and demonstrated excellence in athletics. 

From the early age of five, Arya started lifting weights under the command of our father (who also had me bench pressing at 7!). We didn’t realize it at the time, but the influence of getting involved in fitness and sports at such a young age impacted our mindsets, physical performance, and ultimately our lifestyles forever.

Arya has taken that impact and turned it into a highly successful career, standing on four Olympia stages to date, competing against the world’s top 30 men, and currently training for round 5 this year. 

Additionally, Arya has taken his plethora of science-backed knowledge and his high-level training experiences to create an incredibly successful online business, helping hundreds (going on thousands) of men and women competitors/non-competitors to reach their top fitness and health goals.

All of Arya’s incredible successes are accredited to his deep passion for the sport of bodybuilding/fitness and his desire to support others in not only achieving fitness wins but wins in their personal lives, too.  His mentality and framework are HIGHLY inspiring, motivating, and effective. His clients and community love him because he is real, he knows his shit, he doesn’t make excuses, and because of that passion that fuels his process is largely evident throughout.

Now let me exercise my privilege of being able to speak from the perspective of being Arya’s older sister. Many of you who have been following me or have been listening to this podcast for some time now have learned that my family is my everything

Arya is four years younger than me and I can actually remember when he was born. 

He has always been driven to win and when I say win, I don’t just mean some kind of award in sports, I mean WIN at life. He has always been so good at strategizing and finding ways to earn his money- from childhood lemonade stands to now creating an amazingly successful online training business with programs that are both smart and effective. 

He has always been “team family”- wanting to succeed in his own life so that all of us could benefit from that passion (which you will easily grasp in our convo). I LOVE this talk SO much and believe me when I say it’s not just because Arya is my brother, but because everything we discuss lives within the Genesis of BlackBeltBeauty.  For those of you who are not familiar with who Arya is yet, I am SO excited and PROUD to introduce you to my brother’s empowered mindset, intelligent frameworks/strategies, HIS APPROACH TO CHALLENGES/ADVERSITIES, and his ULTRA inspiring passion and DRIVE TO THRIVE in life. 

I couldn’t be more proud of WHO Arya is and HOW he moves through life.

Enjoy this amazing + powerfully inspiring talk with Arya.



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