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May 13, 2020

Gina Brooke is an American beauty expert/makeup artist who is recognized as one of the leading talents in the world of beauty.

She is known as the creative force behind some of the most memorable beauty trends and the development of numerous award-winning beauty products. Her vision and beauty philosophy is evident in the groundbreaking products she has developed as Artistic Director and Global Beauty Consultant for leading cosmetic companies. 

Brooke’s dynamic approach to beauty and emphasis on “individuality” quickly attracted the attention of pop icon Madonna in 2003 – lead to over a decade of creative collaboration from countless editorials, album covers, red carpets, to video/film, media events, and five world tours.

In 2004, L’Oreal commissioned Brooke as the Artist Director to the renowned makeup and skincare brand, Shu Uemura where she hand created lashes that revitalized the false eyelash industry that included the now-iconic diamond lashes which set a record-breaking $10,000 per pair that sold out. It was that kind of bold, ingenuity that led Gina to continuously re-invent her talents and artistry that in return, reinvent the looks of her clients.

Additionally, Gina has always been a long time advocate for healthy skincare. Gina’s philosophy: “The foundation to beautiful makeup begins with the skin,” led her to years of researching innovative skincare products and becoming an expert at crafting gorgeous, natural, radiant skin on her clients by paring her skincare techniques with her makeup skills.

This would eventually lead Gina to the Australian skincare brand ‘Intraceuticals’ where she has served as Global Brand Ambassador from 2010 to the present— putting their famous oxygen skin treatments on the map in Hollywood.

In addition to that snapshot of Gina’s incredible career accolades, I want t to add some personal thoughts here on WHO Gina is to me, and HOW she has played a major role in my life.

I met Gina when I moved back to LA after living in NYC for years and Hawaii before that. We met while working on a makeup event in San Fransico that Shu Umera was hosting—I was so excited to meet her, as the Artistic Director of the brand and the creator of all the beautiful, iconic makeup looks Madonna was seen in those days—the most perfect cat eyeliner and skin hands down.

I’ll leave the details of this for you in this EP but what’s important for me to express in this intro that will live here forever, is that meeting Gina, becoming dear friends and having the opportunity to learn from her not just in how to perform on the highest level in this career of makeup artistry—but how to operate from a deep sense of integrity as an artist and an entrepreneur. She is one of the most generous humans know. Where most would hold back in supporting up and comers like I was at the time of meeting; Gina did not. She opened doors for me, shared timeless and valuable insights that have stuck with me throughout my makeup career as well and in my life.

I love this woman dearly, I know you will LOVE her too once you take in this incredible episode that is filled with

  • resilience

  • fortitude

  • courage

  • passion

  • perseverance

  • empowerment

  • inspiration

and the beautiful, classic, sexy essence that is my girl Gina Brooke.





Instagram: @ginabrookebeauty


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