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Apr 7, 2020

I got my girl Tracy Lynn back on the podcast for you guys in this very special episode.

For those who are not familiar with who Tracy is yet, she is an INCREDIBLE yoga + movement instructor as well as a fusion dance + fire performer— basically, she’s a UNICORN that has such a uniqueness about her that is absolute infectious to all who connect with her. She is MY girl.

She’s been on the podcast a few times and I highly suggest checking out our other episodes here:

EP. Unplugged with Tracy Lynn

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In this episode Tracy and I get down on talks around how we are navigating around COVID19 by way of emotions, mindset, lifestyle habits, business as well as noticing areas we need to edit, rethink recreate and from that, develop new, expanded progress in desirable ways. 

Essentially you guys, it’s leveraging this crazy challenge we are all facing to make real gains from within and out.

Additionally, Tracy gifted all of us this amazing mediation and sound bath that she recently shared via her Patreon community. I listened to it right before bed the day she uploaded it and not even kidding you guys, I felt SO grounded and harmonized from taking it in.  I immediately thought, "omg I need to share this on the podcast with my listeners.”

I love this episode so much you guys, I really want to do my best to share content that will be most supportive of getting you through this challenging time, bringing the best out from you. Being calm, centered and composed plays a HUGE role in your performance so we need to nurture ourselves to live from that state. Tracy’s energy, her meditation, and her sound bath will most definitely contribute to getting you there. 

Lastly, I do want to suggest you guys check out her Patreon platform, where you can access her amazing library of movement videos that range from yoga, sculpt classes, barre, restorative and more meditations/sound baths- its a plethora of LOVE for your mind/body/spirit. 

Love you guys. Stay strong, be agile.


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