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Jul 9, 2019

I got one of my closest girls back on the podcast, Eve Torres Gracie + I'm really excited about sharing this raw, unplugged talk with her. It’s a fun dive into Eve’s life and mental framework since our last podcastepisode a year ago.

It’s a rich conversation in:

  • The ins + outs of being a new mother again with the birth of her son Renson Gracie

  • Balancing her life by consciously choosing where invests her energy

  • How she navigates work with her husband Rener Gracie

  • The process + relaunch of Women Empowered® + creating the Women Empowered ®Instructor certification program

  • The vision behind her mission behind Women Empowered®

  • Eve’s emotional process of facing the experience of being sexually assaulted + being a survivor of rape with her online community.

  • Getting back into training after pregnancy + working around injuries

  • A few fun questions that give you more insight on what + who inspires Eve

It’s another epic episode to learn more about Eve with mindset gems that are supportive to anyone who is striving to live an Empowered life that is fueled by passion + vision.

Click on the link to reserve your spot for the upcoming free Women’s Self Defense seminar this Saturday, July 13th + to learn more about Women Empowered® + all other #JiuJitsu programs offered at Gracie University.