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Aug 1, 2022

Who are you practicing to be?

The core of SELF-trust + love is rooted in SELF-awareness. I place a high premium on SELF-awareness because it's the fortifying attribute of SELF-mastery and EQ.

In this Solosode, I dive into this Instagram post, and deep into the various ways you can develop high levels of awareness to optimize your life.

Topics include….

  • Moving through challenging moments + triggers by going inward
  • Becoming the student of yourSELF to constantly assess + edit your actions, reactions, and responses
  • How to go from living in a stimulus-reaction cycle to being more present
  • My go-to tools that cultivate high levels of SELF-awareness
  • Leaning into Self-Compassion to beat Self-Judgement 
  • Using curiosity as a form of SELF-Love to develop stronger Self-Awareness


Ready to start investing in growing your authentic SELF? This conversation is the place to start.


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