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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Mar 4, 2020

Kerri Walsh Jennings is a 5x Olympian, 3 x Gold medalist, 1 x Bronze medalist & is going for a 4th GOLD this Summer at the  Tokyo Games.  She is an Entrepreneur, the co-founder of p1440 a digital platform that is built around the sport of Beach Volleyball, supporting its growth on every level from the sand to our screens.

Kerri is a proud + loving wife to her husband Casey Jennings and one of the best mommies I know on this walking earth to her 3 kids, Joey, Sundance + Scout. 

In addition to that incredible list, Kerri as many of you may already know, is one of my dearests and besets of friends. Straight up- she’s family. There are WAY to many too many qualities for me to address here on what makes Kerri such an incredible human but to prime you a bit on this inspiring conversation with her I will note a few things I love about my girl:

She is a believer who sees NO limits to what is possible to achieve in life.

She has INCREDIBLE mental frameworks that support the daily practice + process of reaching for better and achieving it. She is fiercely loyal and loving to her people- I can to this speak LOUDLY. 

She walks her walk with CONSISTENCY. She is a GROWTH MINDSET, CURIOUS woman who is DRIVEN by Passion Purpose and VISION.

She is kind, courteous and generous beyond words. I’ve barely scratched the surface here but I believe you get the point- She’s remarkable.

In this super giggly (you’ve been warned, elevating conversation we get down on topics around:

  • The backstory to our friendship 

  • How she manages Intense energy 

  • Being obsessed with winning 

  • Her strengths in how balances her fully loaded life

  • What pressure means to her

  • Her focus on discovering the perfect amount of tension on her focus + her desire to win

  • How important teamwork is to her process and invaluable to actualizing her vision 

  • Inviting more Feminine Energy into her daily life

  • Meditation as a major tool for inner peace

  • Her morning routine

  • How deeply important her training team is and why

  • The difference between vulnerability vs weakness High-Performance conversations

  • The powerful teamwork/dynamic between her and her husband Casey 

  • The difference between a goal vs a vision 

  • Her Vision Quest for 2020

  • Her goals for 2020

  • Maneuvering around the emotional waves of your biology 

  • Kerri answers 3 questions asked from the BlackBeltBeauty community:

  1. How she keeps her nerves under control when she competes?

  2. Why optimal nutrition is so important at all ages and stages in life?

  3. How she keeps going on days when she’s tired + on the hard days?

And so much more.

Needless to say, this episode is very special to me as it’s been 2 years coming and we finally made it happen. If you don’t know Kerri yet, be ready to fall in love with one of this remarkable woman, the GOAT of Beach Volleyball, one of the GREATEST ATHLETES OF ALL TIME and my ride or die- homegirl for life, Kerri Walsh Jennings.


Kerri Walsh Jennings:

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