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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Jan 13, 2020

Amina Altai is back! This is episode #3 with her and I am SO excited to have her on as the very first guest of 2020 for all of you.

Amina is a Holistic Leadership & Mindset Coach, who has been recognized powerhouse media companies such as by Goop, Entrepreneur & MindBodyGreen.

She is a QUEEN at helping entrepreneurs be nourished leaders in their lives/careers so they are better able to pursue their dreams FULL ON and achieve tremendous success while maintaining a life that is healthy, happy + continuously inspiring them to reach for more desired growth. 

I know that as a fact personally because she is my personal business coach!

In this episode, Amina and I dive deep into the areas of: 

• Holistic high performance- how to perform at your highest level with work without burning out

• Creating healthy boundaries to focus on our zone of genius

• Your money mindset + why it’s so important to do the work that continuously develops this area of your mind from a state of abundance

• Tips for feeling more worthy to earn in your business

• Tips on gaining more confidence with your business 

• Crushing limiting beliefs around money and your business 

• Reframing fear so that you are in charge of it

• The best time to pursue your passion-work full time— And SO much more!

Our career takes up the majority of our time in life, so it’s incredibly important to feel inspired + nourished within our work. That said, it was such a NO brainer to have Amina on as the 1st BlackBeltBeauty Radio guest to powerfully support all of YOU with your mindsets, approach to your work life in this New Year and decade. 

LET’S GO 2020!!





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