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Aug 29, 2019

Heidi Moneymaker is an award-winning stuntwoman, an actress, fitness personality, entrepreneur and now has her hands in stunt-coordinating. She trains out of the prestigious stunt studio, 87Eleven in Los Angeles, CA. 

She’s of the most sought after stuntwomen in Hollywood, performing in huge movies such as Iron Man, Black Widow, The Avengers, John Wick, The Hunger Games to name a few. Adding to her incredible body of work, she has been Scarlett Johansson's trusted stunt double for over 9 years now.  
Heidi’s mental framework growing up as an elite level gymnast from has played a huge role in her outstanding performances- in addition to her fearless approach to action, she is an absolute team player.  She operates from an “ALL FOR ONE” attitude, caring deeply how her performance affects the teams she works with.  It's the mindset of a true leader. 
One thing that really stands out to me that takes her badassary to the next level is how playful she is. She laughs a lot and her youthful spirit is so infectious. 
I loved my hanging with her and learning more about her lifestyle habits, her process behind the scenes and on-screen as well as what is currently inspiring her in life.  She dropped some epic mindset gems and high-performance lifestyle habits that are supportive to anyone who wants to keep kicking ass in life. 

SM: @heidimoneymaker

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