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May 6, 2019

Emily Hayden is A lot of inspiring things. 

  • She is Fitness + lifestyle influencer 

  • An IFBB Bikini Pro 

  • A YouTube Vlogger 

  • A Podcast host to her show of Evolve with Emily 

  • An online trainer, coach + fitness model 

And above all, she is a relentless pursuer in creating a Life of Excellence.

I first discovered Emily on my friend Lisa Bilyeu’s Woman of Impact show and was immediately drawn a few things about Emily while listening to her talk on Lisa’s panel. For one, I was inspired by the powerful story of how she climbed out of some serious childhood adversity into becoming the successful entrepreneur she is today. I was equally inspired by the authenticity I felt in her presence as she shared her empowered mental framework that supported her to get through all of her adversity’s and become the resilient woman she is on a mission to support others to create a life of excellence.

I want to share a quote I found from her that I feel really touches on the power of her mindset:
There is no “end” for me. Every time I reach a goal, I start my journey towards a new goal. 99% of life is in the “journey” stage. 1% is the time when the goal is achieved, then you start back at 0 towards the new goal. That’s why I believe it’s so important to enjoy the journey and enjoy the process every step of the way.

Emily Hayden is MY kinda girl all the way. She’s that ALL IN, I can do better, Appreciate the ENTIRE process kinda girl who is creating her life from a place of pure passion, faith + authenticity.  

Some powerful takeaways from this episode are:

  • Turning adversities into fuel to succeed

  • Embracing life’s seasons; how to ride the hard ones out with strength 

  • Transferring wins the gym into wins in business 

  • Turning your passions into your enterprise 

  • Why staying authentic in your pursuits breeds great success in the long game

  • The power of discipline and how to utilize it for success

  • Giving yourself the chance to succeed by NOT being afraid to fail 

  • Turning up your mental resilience and taking the quit out of you

  • Pursuing a life of excellence 

I am so excited to share this conversation with all of you because I have NO doubt it will leave you feeling mentally elevated to go after or KEEP pursuing what it is you truly want to create in your life, starting with WHO you are- it will service the inspirational fuel that takes the QUIT out of you. 




Instagram @emilyhadenfitness

Youtube: Evolve in your fitness and your life with Emily 

Podcast: Evolve with Emily