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Feb 15, 2019

Tracy Lynn is a yoga instructor (my personal favorite in 19 years of practicing yoga) , a Lululemon ambassador, an artist of movement, a dancer/performer, and most importantly a woman who is 100% , unapologetically her most Authentic Self.

Tracy has the midas touch when it comes to guiding her students to get rooted in their bodies while ditching the ego for the incredible surrender, connection and release in the body that is Yoga.

Her classes are rich with humor, zen, challenge and the perfect amount perverseness that creates an absolute unique Yoga experience.

But Yoga is much more than Om’s and sun salutations to this incredible woman.

As a survivor of battled addiction and abuse in her teenage years, Yoga quite literally helped to heal her traumas from those challenging chapters of her life and helped her to discover her true potential, diverse passions and healing gifts that she has been contributing to this world by being authentically herself.

It takes courage and strength by choosing to remain true to one’s self like Tracy does every single day of her life and ditch the path opting for a “marketable appearance” to attempt advancements in business.

Next to her deep love for yoga is her deep love for dance and performing.

She uses her dance performances to reveal her body discoveries to the audience AND herself. 

She is a FAR cry from anything “traditional” when one thinks of a yoga instructor. 

She is a true artist who dances with her inner light and her shadows; expressing the beauty within both of them through her creative modalities of movement and art. 

In this conversation you will learn:

  • Tracy’s backstory, battling addiction and abuse throughout her teenage years

  • How Yoga helped her work through her traumas from addiction and abuse

  • What made her decide to pivot from her destructive habits and change the entire course of her life

  • Why Surrender and being decided vs wanting is vital for major transformations 

  • Being aware while maneuvering through your true potential + your disruptive distractions/habits

  • How she discovered Yoga + what drove her to actualize her robust yoga career 

  • How she used her all of her life challenges to bridge hereunto higher chapters of herSelf + her life

  • How her dance performance liberates her and why that’s so important to her 

  • The power of being conscious + constant student of learning yourSelf from your language to your body

  • Her ideas on what Yoga is

  • The importance of taking responsibility of your life and surrounding yourself with people who are honest with you at all costs.

  • The value of no bull shit, "high performing conversations” that allow for truth to be delivered in a non-violent way

  • Why she never wants to feel like she’s “leading the pack” + is hitting the ceiling with comfort in her life

  • Why she believes is necessary to find comfort in discomfort for growth in life

  • The value in remaining true to your authentic self and not living from a 

  • “marketable appearance”

  • What is at the very heart of her dance performances and how why she infuses it into the major areas of her life

  • Why being “Selfish” is important and dismissing convention for your truth

  • The bravest thing she has ever done to date 

  • Her love for working with people who battle mental health issues 

  • What is deeply inspiring her in 2019 

  • Her advise for how to live from your most Authentic Self

  • Her #1 tip for ALL yoga students

  • The power of leading your life with Vision vs Goals


There is SO much inspiration, humor and mindset GEMS to take in from this beautiful woman throughout this episode.

Enjoy it.




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