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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Oct 25, 2018

In this episode I unpack a recent instagram post on seeking ways to get uncomfortable for growth and why it's so important to challenge ourselves in that way. More emotional resiliency, composure and fortitude, perseverance can be expected upon doing so. They are absolute requirements to live a in a high performance state and accomplish great things in our lives. 

Drop in to this 25 minute Instasode + let me know via Instagram if it resonates with you!




⚡️ D I S C O M F O R T ⚡️

There’s something WAY more important  to me about this picture than the action of training.

.That look in my eyes, is me going 

toe to toe 

with an INCREDIBLE amount of discomfort. 

A challenger that is trying to get me to submit.

A test to see how bad I want it.

An OPPORTUNITY for me to discover a deeper sense of 

WHO I AM + WHAT IM CAPABLE OF.That continuous discovery is an addiction. 

I’ve NEVER been one to settle for “good”

I am a lover of EARNED EXCELLENCE.

Its because of that love, I am not only willing, but I SEEK challenges that force me to get 




Challenges that all me to TRAIN MY MIND to find comfort within it them. 

It’s a provocative path that flirts with my INNER greatness every single day. .

It’s what drives me to keep adventuring through the wild, uncertain, challenging, yet incredible fortifying + heart-fulfilling journey that brings me closer to who I am + the achievement of continued excellence in my life.

Challenge can be viewed as a road block OR a stepping stone. 

Discomfort is something we can choose to avoid or we can CHOOSE to embrace. .

What’s crazy amazing as that the minute we DECIDE to embrace opportunities of discomfort we instantly level up the playing field against them.

Because when we decide that, no matter how difficult or uncomfortable those challenges may be, we’re MOVING TOWARDS THEM, we are also deciding that we are CAPABLE of succeeding them👊 And we ALWAYS are.


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