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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Oct 18, 2018

Ryan Munsey is an author, host the the awesome podcast, The Better Human Project, a respected thought leader in personal development and wellness + a high performance consultant to elite performing humans.

In other words: Ryan Munsey is a HIGH PERFORMING BADASS, on a mission to support humans become better versions of themselves everyday + has written one of my FAVORITE optimizing performance books in support of that mission (what I like to frame as a manual) called: Fuck Your Feelings.

In this new BlackBeltBeauty Radio episode I have so much fun to diving deep into Ryans’s mental framework and process and bringing out some HIGHLY inspiring gems that can be modeled in support of high performance living.

In this episode you will learn:

  • “The Nowhere Between Two Somewheres” a beautifully and powerfully written Instagram post of Ryans that expresses that importance of composure in life transitions.

  • The importance of Emotional Resiliency through life transitions.

  • Ryan’s upbringing as an athlete, what he learned about himself as an athlete + what drove him to get his degree in Food Science/Human Nutrition and dive deep into the business side of it all

  • What inspired Ryan to the path of becoming a realized expert as a high performer

  • The process and inspiration of Fuck Your Feelings

  • The science behind Decision Making

  • Why Ryan focused on the specifics of Fuck Your Feelings as tools to optimizing performance

  • Crushing Dogmatic beliefs in nutrition/fitness + focusing on what WORKS, then piecing them together to work for you.

  • Creating “TOOLS” in your Performance tool box

  • Ryan’s NON morning routine and why he does not subscribe to a “routine”

  • How he trained his ability to write a book

  • The 4 most impactful books and WHY they have impacted Ryans’ mental framework + process

  • Ryan’s idea of success

  • The power of discipline and why Ryan relies on it

  • How + WHY Ryan implements DAILY appreciation at the start of his day

  • What “BALANCE” means to him

I cannot recommend reading or listening to Fuck Your Feelings and following Ryan enough!

Enjoy the inspiration + mental tactics towards high performance living that you will MOST DEFINITELY gain from this conversation.

FOLLOW RYAN ON SM: @Ryanmunsey_ and learn more about Ryan out his site where you can also schedule a 20 minute session with Ryan to help get unstuck on the path to achieving your goals.

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