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Aug 17, 2018

It's not easy to live through the challenges that arise on our paths to GOING FOR IT in our lives. Putting ourselves "out there" in the world and especially in ways that require a lot of "learning as you go" can be straight up scary and offer some "messy" moments in the process. It most definitely can make even some of the most confident of people generate insecure moments in the process but living through them is truly is the ONLY way to grow, create and ultimately allow us to accomplish what we're aiming for on the other end of them. 

This Solosode is all about a personal moment experiencing some emotions of raw and very real Insecurity. It was so powerful until I realized exactly what was happening by OBSERVING mySelf and stopped JUDGING mySelf.  Once I came to that understanding, I was able to push past my insecure emotions with a conquered state of mind that reminded me of this TRUTH:

THIS IS JUST A PART OF THE PROCESS + THERES NO WAY AROUND IT TO CREATE WHAT YOU DESIRE. Personally, its the road I WANT to take albeit challenging. I want NO short cuts or hand outs because I value my process as a HUGE part of the reward in all that I am creating.

Being real with ourselves while honoring our Process is one of the greatest tools that supports both internal + external success in life.  Sometimes the path to advancing confidence is by feeling INSECURE. I love clever irony. 

My intention behind creating this bite size episode is to support your process of GOING FOR IT by keeping it SO real with you all and putting moments of my creative process like this out there for you while still IN the process of growing this all where I envision it to go- shamelessly. Not waiting to expose this when Im clear + "safe" at the point of accomplishing my vision of success.  My hope is that it inspires you to to that "thing" you've been wanting to do but have felt insecure about trying or reaching for because you don't want to fail, be denied or get embarrassed along the way.

We only learn what we are capable of when we are put in uncomfortable scenarios and discover who we are within the process of getting through them.  

Forget "perfect" - there's no such thing on the road to real success; "messy" is bound to happen + there is VALUE in living through the discomfort of those moments when they show up.

One of my favorite quotes EVER sums it up perfectly:


My edit is "WHEN" vs IF because it is a GIVEN that you will. 

Be PROUD that you're putting effort (or soon will be) towards something you desire, believe in and care about, whatever that might for you. 

There's so much power in owning and appreciating your efforts.

Better "oops" than "what if?"