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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Aug 10, 2018

Jenn Glysson is a seriously BADASS private trainer based in LA and owner of one of the dopest gyms in LA: The Body Los Angeles. Jenn is known for her unique ability to train her clients in ways that lend to creating a sexy, strong and CAPABLE aesthetic.

One of the best parts about training with Jenn is the encouraging and committed energy she offers her clients while training them. She's ALL IN and passionate about HER performance as a trainer which is easily felt and makes her stand out greatly in the fitness industry... aside from HER incredible body that validates her training in OBVIOUS form.

Jenn's mental framework and passion towards her style of training is very empowering and stems from her highly active upbringing as an athlete. She is SO innovative and dynamic but has the talent to make her training methods available to EVERYONE who is willing to try, not just athletes. 

One thing that I LOVE about Jenn is that she keeps SO real and she believes that everyone can have a strong, beautiful and sexy body if they COMMIT & DO THE WORK.

I back that idea up 100%. 

In this fun conversation we discuss:

  • Jenn's training background
  • Her various modalities of training
  • The truth behind Instagram bodies
  • The reality of a BULKY body
  • Time constraints on body goals
  • Focusing on performance NOT numbers to make REAL gains
  • The reality of spot reduction 
  • Jenn's childhood as an athlete 
  • Injuries and body image 
  • Women in the weight room, breaking past the discomfort within it
  • Her Instagram training posts: Keeping it simple but effective 
  • Working out during pregnancy
  • Steps to get back into training post pregnancy 
  • Being HONEST with yourself 
  • The difference between TRAINING & WORKING OUT
  • Training for LIFE

I hope you love this episode and if you do, I want to know about it! Hit me or Jenn up via Instagram and I HIGHLY recommend you following Jenn if you want to get some SERIOUSLY valuable training ideas to add to your training game!



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