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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Jul 17, 2018

Aside from being one of my closest girls (said with IMMENSE PRIDE), Eve Torres Gracie is a legitimate high performing, inspiring and EXTREMELY EMPOWERED BADASS woman.  Our conversation gives you an inside look to Eve's journey from being an extremely shy young girl to performing on some of the largest stages in entertainment to empowering millions of women around the world. I am SO proud of this incredible women for all that she is and all that she contributes to this world. The best part is, she's just getting warmed up... 

Some topics we cover in our conversation:

  • Eve's upbringing from family life to her mental process as a young, self motivated  + highly driven girl. 
  • Gaining her degree in Engineering from USC and why that was very important to her
  • Taking risks
  • Acting opportunities 
  • Her career life in the WWE
  • Discovering Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu and how it dramatically effected her life for the better. 
  • Meeting her husband of many years Rener Gracie and balancing their relationship while living on the road. 
  • Retiring from WWE to pursue her passion in Empowering women around the world through the Self Defense program her and her husband Rener Gracie designed: Women Empowered.  
  • What makes 
  • Being a mommy to her boy Raeven Gracie and preparing for their second baby who will be born in the fall.
  • Balancing herself and what is most important to her in her life. 

I hope this conversation with Eve inspires you to step into your most empowered self by doing what ever is necessary for you to feel that and live it in your life. She does that for me constantly.




Stay connected with Eve on her social here: EVE TORRES GRACIE

Learn more/Sign up for the Women Empowered program HERE