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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Jun 20, 2023

This week, Jill Coleman returns to BlackBeltBeauty Radio for another epic conversation.

Jill is the founder of JillFit (a fitness nutrition business brand), creator of the #Moderation365 Method, and podcast host of Fit Biz U + The Best Life podcasts. She’s the epitome of what it means to be a STRONG + empowered woman who’s always showing up with a full heart. I’m excited for you to listen to this episode that hones in on the beauty of conviction, time management, and aging like a BADASS.

Some key takeaways from this episode are:

  • How to harmonize your masculine + feminine energies instead of viewing them as competitors

  • Shattering stigmas + recognizing the STRENGTH in vulnerability 

  • Time vs. energy management tips that will enhance your productivity

  • How to structure + achieve your goals through the embodiment of your future SELF

  • How to overcome the fear of success + not SELF-reject in the face of rejection

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