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Jun 21, 2018

With Summer officially here so many are on a mission to step into their "Summer bodies" and often times turn to juice "cleanses" + "detoxes" as a modality to get them into it- quickly 

In this episode Clinical nutritionist Juli Keene & I get down on the science behind juice “cleanses” + “detoxes.” We uncover the biological processes the body goes through during these dieting methods and discuss the truth to the pros and cons in doing them. It’s an empowering conversation that offers legitimate knowledge towards these dieting methods so that the great marketing behind them does not lead your health & diet, you do. 



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Conversation highlights:

  • The difference between a “detox" & “cleanse”
  • A juice cleanse biological process breakdown 
  • Issues with Vegan Diets
  • Foods that offer detoxification to the body 
  • Relationship towards food
  • Water fasting vs juice “fasting"
  • Autophagy & Apoptosis 
  • The powerful benefits of Fiber & it’s effect on the gut microbiome
  • Gene Expression by consuming health optimizing foods
  • Being honest with your detox motivation 
  • A breakdown on Carbs
  • Respecting your body’s natural transitions and moving with them 
  • When you really need to detox and the best way to go about it
  • Healthy ways to incorporate more veggies in diet
  • Health fats vs Toxic fats

Books Mentioned: