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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Jun 11, 2018

Kenny Florian aka "Ken-Flo" is many things by way of accomplishments in his life to date.

He is a true martial artist who holds a third degree blackbelt in Brasilian JiuJitsu, a MIxed-Martial Artist + UFC legend (He fought in 4 separate weight divisions) a commentary/analyst for UFC Tonight, a podcast co- host on the "Anik & Florian" podcast, owner of The Meraki Brasilian JitJitsu Academy, a husband and a daddy to his new beautiful baby girl.  

Beyond his incredible professional accomplishments, what makes Kenny so inspiring is the mental framework he operates from that has allowed him to accomplish the great list of achievements in his life. A mindset that continues to grow his authentic expression to come out in his life and continue making a genuine, positive mark in this world. 

It takes so much heart, fortitude, perseverance and truth to live a path like Kenny's. His curiosity, perspective and continuous reach to go deeper into himself and farther in his life is so motivating to witness.

I absolutely LOVE the depth, the venerability, the empowerment and truth that lives within our rich conversation. I hope it stirs your heart and elevates your mind as deeply as I feel it will.


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In this episode we discuss:

  • Living "Undefined"
  • Kenny's upbringing, family life, how Martial Artist entered his life
  • Discovering the MMA + The UFC
  • His first experience with JiuJitsu
  • Duality/the understanding and utilization of our negative and positive Self
  • Being a fearful kid and listening towards his fears
  • The start of his MMA career
  • Self Awareness, Embracing challenge, Turning your inner potential ON
  • Realizing his path as a teacher in life
  • Excepting all that you are
  • Discovering the value in not seeing challenges as problems
  • The power of appreciation
  • The gift of Meditation
  • Observing yourself and letting go
  • His mental process within his retirement from frighting in the UFC
  • Career chapters as an commentator & analyst, post fight career
  • His ideas of "Success"
  • Living Authentically
  • Becoming a new father
  • The process of discovering and blossoming your inner greatness