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Dec 6, 2022

In this week’s Solosode I’m breaking down the experience of going viral.

This Instagram clip from an incredibly meaningful conversation I had with my girl Lisa Bilyeu on her show Women of Impact, broke the internet.

It’s currently hanging around 20+ million views and thousands of shared voiceovers.

I’m SO MOVED that these words spoken directly from my heart directly impacted millions around the world.

It’s so inspiring to see so many around the world creating reels with this audio and empowering their own fierceness of boundaries.

My viral quote: “I have a very soft heart. I’m very empathetic and compassionate. I am all love. And at the same time, my whole life, without ever having to prove anything, you know not to fuck with me.”

Because there was SO much impact made from this clip, I felt compelled to create this episode where I dig deeper into the message shared in the clip.

In this episode, I talk about:

The frequency of words and what it emits to others

How to enforce strong boundaries without being guarded or aggressive

Keeping your heart wide OPEN + kind- NOT minimizing your true nature out of fear

Overcoming the misconception that “kind” people lack boundaries when the majority of them are total BADASSES who have the STRONGEST boundaries intact

Ways to confidently and effectively communicate + set your own boundaries so you can thrive

It’s a POWERFUL episode that will undoubtedly invite your hearts to stay VALIANTLY open + TRUST yourSELF to enforce boundaries when need be.

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I LOVE connecting with you.

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