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Nov 7, 2022

In this week’s Solosode I talk about following your HEART MAP.

This Halloween I had the most EPIC experience of getting to attend a concert by one of my favorite bands, Duran Duran (check out my post about it here). If you have been in my online community for a minute, you know by now that music is my first love.

But this experience Im sharing with you represented so much more than just going to an awesome concert. It represented all of us who feel our heart calling us towards an opportunity, but get stuck OVERTHINKING.

This conversation is here to fully encourage you to GO FOR IT and follow your heart’s directive.

Topics include:

  • How to make decisions based on your intuition + deciphering when your heart is expanded or constricted as an internal compass

  • Empowering yourSELF by doing epic things SOLO + not missing out on experiences just because you’re rockin’ it in solitude

  • Aligning your intuition + intellect to cultivate deeper SELF trust

  • Overcoming the underlying fear of loss when making decisions

  • Using your heart map as a way of expressing your most authentic SELF + living your life by design

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