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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Sep 27, 2022

Today’s Solosode is an expansion of one of my Instagram posts focused on the frequency of optimism + positivity:

“Positivity/Optimism are more than perspectives + a lens at life. Positivity/ Optimism are FREQUENCIES. They are pure + potent energies that affect how we view life, how we feel about life, how we move through life + how we feel about our positioning within life right here, right now + in our tomorrow's. These high-vibing frequencies are SO much easier to attain + to sustain when lifestyle habits + investments of energy are directed in that which nourishes + fuels our health/wellbeing full time.”

In this episode you’ll discover how to set yourSELF up for the success you deserve through:

  • Highly accessible habits + practices that will optimize your health and energy

  • Finding a rhythm of consistency that will develop unshakeable SELF-trust + grace 

  • Cultivating rituals over routines to embody more flow vs. rigidity

  • Being more intentional with your practices

  • Utilizing micro-movements that lead to life-changing macro-movements

Let me know how this episode impacted you via IG in the comments, DMs + story shares and tag @roxylook + @blackbeltbeauty - I LOVE connecting with you. 

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