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Sep 6, 2022

In this new Solosode I expand on the true essence of strength in softness:

“It’s not what you’re looking at, it’s how you’re looking at it. The Empowered lens respects realism while choosing to move forward with optimism. It’s embracing the TRUTH when shit is HARD, but RISING to the challenge with CONFIDENCE in being CAPABLE to move through it + arriving at VICTORY on the other side of the battle.

It’s understanding very clearly: there are no handouts to true badassery + SELF-Trust.

Gotta step to the battle + EARN your stripes. Many are surprised to hear me say the GREATEST attribute to my UNBREAKABLE STRENGTH is the ETERNAL SOFTNESS within me. You don’t have to BE HARD to BEAT HARD.

The Masculine + Feminine working in HARMONY are dangerous to any challenge… you can’t snap a string.

Embracing this idea sharpens the winning weapons that are your HEART + MIND.

Embracing the challenge is embracing the belief that you can win.”

Some highlights of this episode are:

  • The power of remaining flexible + fluid where you’re unbreakable as opposed to becoming rigid + stiff where you’re left fragile

  • How to harmonize your masculine and feminine energy to become your most confident + capable SELF

  • Allowing the heart to lead and the mind to architect

  • Fortifying your SELF-Love, SELF-Compassion + SELF-Trust in the act of facing your challenges

  • Being worthy of the battle AND the victory

It’s a bite-sized episode that will surely give your heart a BOOST of strength to keep going forward, creating the life YOU truly desire for yourSELF + NOT having to become a hard-ass to beat hard-ass challenges that arrive on your path.

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