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Jun 7, 2022

This week’s guest is supplement scientist + nutrition expert, Dr. William Wallace. 

My passion + curiosity in all things nutrition + supplementation has had me hooked on Dr. Wallace’s genius for some time now.  He is an outstanding communicator, and educator + has respectable experience working with some of the leading supplementation brands. He offers high-quality, evidence-based information in his areas of expertise + delivers practical suggestions on how the majority can implement supplementation + optimize nutrition to upgrade health. 


In this episode, we hit on the topics of:

  • ‘Systems Theory’ - proving how one area directly affects all others

  • Nutrigenomics + the metabolization of the primary macronutrients

  • How nutrition impacts cognitive function, energy, and mood

  • Why it’s important to invest in your health now, rather than pay later (and ways to start!)

  • What supplements can actually cause damage if not properly dosed 

  •  Dr. Wallace’s top supplements recommendations that can be used to increase overall wellness as we age

If you’re not already following him on Instagram, I HIGHLY recommend you do: @dr.williamwallace where you’ll find incredible, quality info to take your health to the next level.


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