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May 8, 2018

Olympic medalist swimmer Caroline Burckle is proof that being an Olympian is a way of life. It's an empowered MINDSET that continuously evolves to keep the athlete reaching for their absolute best, in ALL areas of their life. It’s a mindset that does not turn off after the games, which leaves the athlete a choice: to keep advancing the framework that lives within their Olympic mindset and channel it through new avenues of their life, creating opportunities that seduce them to keep reaching for greatness. 

It's a choice that is not easy to embrace for so many who lived a life focused and competing at one thing on the highest level but it IS the choice this incredible woman chose post swimming career so her inspiring story is almost just beginning. 

From the very beginning stages of her life, Caroline embraced her love for competitive swimming and invested her entire childhood into the college years of her life towards the development her natural talent in the sport.  On her way to the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing where she took home a bronze medal in the 4×200-meter freestyle relay  she won two NCAA individual championships in the 200- and 500-yard freestyle event and was named the 2008 NCAA Female Swimmer of the Year by virtue of winning two NCAA national championships- breaking the oldest-standing women's NCAA swimming record by swimming legend Janet Evans, swimming a 4:33.60 in the 500-yard freestyle. 

Her swimming accolades are incredibly impressive. What is of equal impressiveness is Caroline's self-observation, the emotional trials she faced, having the courage to be real with herself through them and the inner growth she gained from those formidable chapters in her life. We dig deep into these areas in this conversation and expand on the wisdom that was born from them.

Caroline’s post Olympic career led her the development of RISE ATHELTES, a program that she and her co-founding partner Rebecca Soni offer one-on-one Olympic mentorship to athletes on a mission to succeed in both sport and life.  

Her entrepreneurial spirit is also responsible for the creation of her beauty/body healing product: CaroCoco  a SUPER yummy organic rosemary oil infused coconut oil body and hair hydrator- Personally I can't get enough of it. #TRUTH. 

There's A LOT we can learn from and feel inspired by from the story and mindset of this remarkable woman.  The heart, discipline, focus, relentlessness and fortitude that took this talented woman to the Olympic medal podium is so robust and is incredibly motivating to anyone who experiences her. 

I'm looking forward to sharing much more of Caroline's mindset, thoughts around health/training, and life process in future episodes to come.  In the meantime, I have a feeling this episode will make you laugh, want to stretch your thinking, apply action behind the thoughts and trust your process. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much you we enjoyed recording it for you.


Conversation topics include: 

  • Carolines childhood life, discovering her love for swimming
  • Embracing pressure with authenticity
  • Her competitor mindset- reframing her outer expression as a competitor 
  • Swimming highlights on the road to the Beijing games
  • Meditation- what it means to her and her process with it
  • Enlightenment
  • Turning the mind off to trust the process 
  • Discovering the blurred line between pleasure and pain

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