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Jan 11, 2022

This week’s empowering guest is Darleen Santore aka Coach Dar.

Darleen is a board-certified occupational therapist, healthcare business executive, author, speaker, and mental conditioning coach for global leaders, CEOs, and elite athletes. She’s passionate about helping people break through barriers to achieve their goals.

Coach Dar was awarded the Most Inspiring Woman award by the WNBA and has used her unique style of science, psychology, and achievement to take her clients to high levels of excellence. She is an advocate of the idea that leading a life of impact and fulfillment doesn’t happen by accident. I firmly back that up. 

If you’re ready to raise the bar in your life and reignite your innate gifts then tune into this episode. Coach Dar and I largely discuss:

  • Coach Dar’s inspirational backstory of overcoming a stroke at 25 and being left with a blood clot in the brain + her nonlinear, epic career journey 

  • How to cultivate authentic leadership 

  • Standards of excellence demonstrated by the world’s highest-ranked CEOs, leaders, and athletes

  • The definition of resilience and it’s partnership with the nervous system

  • The art of recovery + the power of the pause

  • Emulating “humble warrior” confidence

This episode provides incredible insight into using obstacles as opportunities to ignite and strengthen your gifts. For more inspirational wisdom by Coach Dar be sure to follow her on Instagram at @thecoachdar and check out her website to get in on her masterclass that gives you 4 simple yet powerful principles that will push you to raise the bar as a leader and pursue excellence in every single area of your life.

Let us know how this episode impacted you via IG in the comments, DMs + story shares-- we LOVE connecting with you. 

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