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Jul 8, 2021

This week’s incredible guest is leading naturopathic doctor and holistic living advocate, Dr. Christian Gonzalez, aka DR.G.

Dr. G is an authority in environmental medicine with an extensive background in education and years of practice in the field.  Real-life experience was the catalyst for Dr. G to deeply investigate the realms of Integrative medicine, in support of his mother who got cancer.  His passion and purpose were found in that process as he learned how much the toxins from our external environment played a MAJOR role in our health.

This conversation exudes a tremendous amount of insight into the realm of non-toxic living and environmental understanding.

Some highlights in this talk are: 

  • Optimizing resiliency with ways to naturally strengthen your immune system

  • What happens to the nervous system when mental & emotional trauma is held in the body + how to release it

  • The importance of morning rituals to prime your nervous system +  increase overall well-being and functionality

  • Shattering conventional medical paradigms by getting to the core of healing ALL areas, not just masking symptoms

  • Mold + how to identify it and recognize reactions 

  • Small, yet profound shifts you can begin making today with everyday products to embody cleaner living (i.e. makeup, bedding, cookware, cleaning products, etc.)

And so much more!

I could’ve talked to Dr. G for hours on all things wellness, as he is really is a leader on the subject and so much fun to talk to!

This conversation is captivating from start to finish, I would LOVE to hear your favorite takeaways in the comments below or/and on your IG stories.

For more insight, be sure to follow Dr. G on Insta @dr.christian.gonzalez and tune into his podcast, Heal Thy Self Show (with over 2M downloads!).







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