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Apr 6, 2021

This new Solosode is coming in hot through “real, in the moment” inspiration.  I was sprinting a few weeks ago when I heard (and felt) a POP in my calf muscle and hit the ground. 

The thoughts that fly through the mind at the onset of an injury are a lot of things all at once. It can be extremely overwhelming and emotionally overbearing— especially as an athlete who loves to love every single day. That said, this is not my first injury and if there is ONE great thing I’ve learned through my injuries it’s this: it’s time to CHILL OUT, LEAN IN to REST + allow mySELF to call in growth— there is ALWAYS growth in the face of adversity. It requires the release of control to discover the gain(s). 

Life is about dancing the yin + yang dynamic.

The harmony between masculine + feminine energy.

Injury isn’t just about physical recovery, it’s the mental + emotional relationship you hold yourSELF. I view the lean into rest, the slow down + allowing more space for growth as an act of Feminine energy, leading the show. 

This episode is centered around that lean-in and allowing space to come into your entire BEING for recovery. It's embracing the slow down to recenter, refocus +  recalibrate-- it's operating in the expansive state of ALLOWANCE.

It’s in these moments we get to decide how we want to show up for ourselves. I choose a champion mindset, to be on my team, and to be VERY compassionate with my process to recovery.

I know moments like this are the physical manifestation of opening up more time and space to allow in new ideas + creativity. It’s a time for me to receive and embrace my goddess energy. I’m grateful for the process.

You don’t need to be injured to take great value from

This episode. It can simply be a reminder + or the permission you’ve been waiting for to slow down, rest, and make more space for growth. 

It’s an invitation to embody the art of harmonized yin-yang energy that supports our ultimate SELF.



Xx Roxy

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