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Dec 23, 2020

This week’s amazing guest is Lisa Wimberger.

Lisa is the founder of Neurosculpting and co-founder of NeuroPraxis….and her story behind her work is incredibly profound.

On her 15th birthday, Lisa underwent a rare trauma experience of being struck by lightning directly on the base of her spine. With it being such a rarity, this trauma escaped the acknowledgment of reality for years...aside from ongoing seizures that occurred ever since.

With each recurring episode worsening and intensifying over time, Lisa didn’t come to a full understanding of what was truly going on until her 30s, when she had a heartstopping moment (literally!) at a routine doctor’s exam. It was then that she launched herself into discovering the ways in which her body worked, the organs it comprised, and the responses it controlled so she could rewrite her script and conquer her condition.

In this insightful and high-powered episode, Lisa and I get into….

  • What neuroplasticity is and why it’s so important for our path to self-optimization

  • The variations of stress and how to use them to enhance productivity

  • The power found in meditation and hypnotherapy (combining to bring you Neurosculpting)

  • What fuels the juiciness of passion and how desperation can be a wild motivator to healing

  • The 5 step program Lisa uses to rework the brain’s stress response (fight, flight, freeze)

  • How Lisa wrote her own script, rehearsed it, and won her fight against seizures once and for all

  • Finding affirmations that resonate and prove physiological, mental, and emotional results

There are so many rad and powerful takeaways in this episode. And it’s so fascinating, as Lisa and I talk about, that we were given these bodies without any “instructor’s manuals.” It’s up to us to learn about them, tune into our collective experiences, and empower our mindset. It’s essentially our responsibility to own our health and create the remedies that will revitalize our well-being.  There are many valuable sparks of inspiration + insights in this talk that are supportive of your health, wellbeing + empowering your MINDSET.



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