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Performing at our highest level in life, is living a beautiful and fulfilled life: THIS is BlackBeltBeauty.

Nov 23, 2020

This week's guest is Matt Anderson.

Matt is an American Professional Volleyball player, he is one of the best outside hitters in the world, a 2x Olympian Bronze Medalist, who has played on numerous world clubs throughout his career and has a list of wins that is nothing short of remarkable. 

Very few players are able to play multiple positions at the highest level in international volleyball but Matt Anderson is one of them. In 2014 while in the middle of a highly successful career, Matt decided to take a break from playing Volleyball to focus on the relationships with his loved ones and with himself.  He is a highly Self-Aware individual and passionate team player. He faced some noticings within himself during that period that were not in alignment with the person he wanted to be in his life. That break in playing was a powerful tool for his growth not just internally and in his relationships but equally on the court. 

I love that part of this conversation so much because it really takes courage to face yourself honestly when things feel off and do the work that is necessary to get yourself into a higher state. AND it takes extra courage and authenticity to do that when you are living a copious amount of external success. 

In this highly authentic conversation, Matt and I get down on talks around:

  • Becoming a new father, how that has impacted his life

  • Being a passionate team player, where that comes from, what that means to him, and how it impacts his life.

  • Pivoting through covid. appreciating the time off but also being fiercely ready for competition

  • How that has shown up in his life and the necessary effort needed to maintain healthy relationships while living and traveling the world

  • 2014- why he took a break in the midst of a thriving career, what he learned about himself at that moment and the exploration of Self and how it served him

  • The importance of pushing past the fear of facing yourself when things are off, to keep developing yourself in 

  • Why "bookending your day is a powerful performance tool and the benefits of a reset

  • Journaling as a powerful Self-Awareness tool and why Matt has turned to it in his life

  • Getting 1% better every day

  • And failure a stepping stone to be happy with your effort

There is so much beautiful wisdom shared from Matt throughout this talk that anyone listening can gain from taking in. His goal in his own words is “ TO BE REGARDED AS ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS EVER, BUT MORE SO, I WANT TO BE REGARDED AS ONE OF THE NICEST PEOPLE YOU’LL EVER MEET.”

I feel like he is absolutely achieving that.  

I'm excited for you all to take in the mindset gems from this incredibly thoughtful, conscious human and badass athlete that is Matt Anderson.

Enjoy xx


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