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Oct 1, 2020

Arianny Celeste is a self-made entrepreneur, an internationally recognized model, an established singer, and a popular television personality. She is widely known as the UFC’s Queen Ring girl and has been working with the organization for 14 years. 

Arianny is highly passionate about fitness, health, beauty, and fashion. She’s been featured in countless publications such as Maxim, Sports Illustrated, and has even graced the cover of Playboy.  

Arianny was born and raised in Las Vegas, Celeste began modeling at just four months old. After earning a degree in Fitness Management and Nutrition from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, she made her television debut as a UFC octagon girl and became one of the most consistent UFC personalities on television while traveling the world as a spokesperson for the brand.

Today, she is the founder of a subscription gifting service aptly named “Girlfriend Box.” A concept that originated out of Celeste’s noticing that men really took to support in finding unique gifts for their significant others. A strong example of Arianny’s intuitive and ingenious approach to business. Girlfriend Box is now a thriving company taking the guesswork and stress out of gifting for special occasions.

Arianny and I met 7 years ago. I did her makeup on a shoot for a UFC magazine cover. We vibed well and easily which kept us connected.  One thing I really admire about her is how stoic she is. Arianny has a collective audience of 10 million people. That's just her community, that does not include the entire world that she has been on display throughout the various channels of her career life. 

Lots of people watching you leads to lots of comments and opinions. That can really invade one's inner peace. That gets compounded when your body is highly visible to the masses. Self- Confidence and Self- Love must be so strong to not allow others opinions to rock you. This is something we discuss in this wonderful conversation. 

Arianny has done an outstanding job at leveraging her natural beauty and passions to build a highly successful, 6 figure brand.

We talk about her process in doing so and the valuable takeaways she’s learned along the way by facing some challenges in her personal life.  She is now gearing up for the next huge chapter in life as she is about to give birth to her first child and experience herself as a mother.  

She is a beautiful woman inside and out who has built a wonderful life by following her passions and trusting herself-- and you know I am ALL about that approach to life. 

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