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Jun 23, 2020

In this new episode, I’ve had the inspiring honor to interview one of my absolute favorite writers, thought-leaders in High-Performance/Self-Development— Dr. Ben Hardy.

Ben is an organizational psychologist and best-selling author of, Willpower Doesn’t Work. He has made a name for himself through his life-changing pieces that have been featured on Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, and so many others. He is also well-known for his articles on, in which he was named the #1 writer in the world— SO badass.

His newest book, Personality Isn’t Permanent, that came out just a couple weeks ago is absolutely EPIC.  I’ve been a big fan of his writing for a long time. He is a master of crafting words simply + impactfully. His weekly emails add so much value to my ELEVATING mindset-priming in my morning “ME TIME’; in fact, his emails are the ONLY emails I open during that sacred time in the morning- straight up. 

You’ll see exactly what I’m sayin’ in this episode, as we chat about his ideas around personality tests, various labels we use to identify ourselves, and my personal favorite subject in Self-Development--creating your Future Self.  Many of you have heard me speak on the relationship I have with my Future Self aka. “The Woman In The Mirror,” so when Ben started sharing his ideas and the psychological benefits of creating your Future Self; my admiration was taken to a whole other level.

This episode is ULTRA powerful to help you expand your self-connection, your life ideals, your perspectives,  + the habits that shape your life.



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